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Make Real focuses on 3D modelling and Designing for Large Scaled models. We transform all of your designs into a virtual 3D model before we start our own methodology in creating your product.
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3D models are computer generated simulated models of any item that needs to be designed. 3D models are great for showing and creating items with multiple layers of design elements. With a 3D model of a car you don’t just look at the outside but also inside from the drivers view. You can virtually take off the siding and look at design elements of the frame, or even the way the engine is put together.

The ability to model an item and even do walkthroughs of the design allows for greater flexibility and freedom for everyone involved. Instead of having to go back and design the whole project from scratch, a developer or architect can now pick up right where he left, change the elements required, and bring it back to the client. Some examples of our projects:

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3D modeling is one of the most useful tools for any developer to have access to. 3D models are everywhere and have taken the design industry by storm. 3D modeling is now a standard go to from everything for cars to cities.

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3D modeling is an powerful tool for designers and architects in the design process. 3D modeling allows you to:

  • Virtually walk through an item before making the real thing
  • See the whole project from its base level conceptual design to the final result
  • View major and minor aspects of a project in the computer in a relatively cheap way
  • Make changes to the 3D model at any time.
  • scan physical objects into the computer using a 3D scanner, and view it in 3D


With so much involved in the 3D modeling process, it is important to pick qualified professionals who will be able to make your dreams into digital reality. Make Real has an exceptionally gifted team of modelers, architects, and 3D artists who can assist in turning your ideas into 3D models so you can see and interact with them.

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